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Voelkels Fastenkasten mit Gemüsesaftflaschen in Demeter Qualität

Voelkel: Juice fasting in Demeter quality!

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Already Margret and Karl Voelkel, founders of the modern juice bottling company, organized their fruit and vegetable garden under an anthroposophical point of view. That way the company’s Demeter-founding stone has…

Voelkel - Samenfeste Gemüsesorten

Voelkel supports the ecological seed research

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In times where global corporations narrow the seed diversity, Naturkostsafterei Voelkel puts their beliefs out of conviction in “samenfeste” (non-hybrid) fruits and vegetables. The company also actively supports the independent seed research,…

Voelkel - Flüchtlingshilfe

Voelkel supports refugees with their winter beverages sale

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The most festive time of the year is fast approaching. It is that time of the year we spend surrounded by our beloved ones sharing good food at our cozy homes. But not…

Voelkel - Foto Karl und Margret Voelkel

New Apple juice as a tribute to the founding couple Margret & Karl Voelkel  

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With the new, freshly squeezed apple juice “Margret & Karl”, Voelkel erects a worthy memorial for their founders. Also the family run business publishes a reissue of the book “Höhbeck”…

Muttersäfte - Voelkel

Healthy and strong through the cold season with Voelkel’s mother juices

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“Muttersaft”, literary mother juice, is a pure and natural juice made out of 100% fruit from the first pressing. It is true to the taste as it is left just…

Voelkel - Stefan Voelkel und Anbaupartner Ralf Weber

Voelkel is inviting mini-gardeners to planting contest

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With a gardening-contest Voelkel, intends to raise kid’s awareness for healthy nutrition. Main components of a balanced diet are fresh fruits and vegetables – also the base of Voelkel’s delicious…


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