Designtage Brandenburg: National and local exhibitors selected

Designtage Brandenburg – Konferenz

The deadline for applications is over and the most unique designers were selected. More than 50 local as well as national interior, fashion, lifestyle, accessories and “papeterie” artists are going to present their work in Potsdam from 27th-30th November, 2014 at the Designtage Brandenburg. Already in its third year, the Design-Festival will satisfy with its mix of design market, exhibition and a versatile framework program. For the first time this year it’s not only local exhibitors presenting their design to the public. It’s design from all over Germany that will be displayed. Karina Wendt, terezaundjoerg, mariemeers and Dessau Design will e.g. represent Brandenburg and the surrounding areas with their selected works. The Potsdam-based Volkswagen Design Center will also be a part of the Designtage Brandenburg this year giving insides in in their different production processes from first drafts to 3-D-modelling. Performa, famous for their clean and straight design, and Rehform, presenting their concrete lamps, are just two of the national exhibitors. The entire list of exhibitors can be found on There will be no entrance fee for the market and the exhibition.

In occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall , Günther Höhne will give a presentation on GDR-typical ways of designing.

In addition workshops, presentations and concerts will round up this years Designtage Brandenburg program taking place at the Waschhaus Arena and the Schinkelhalle in the Schiffbauergasse Potsdam.

Schiffbauergasse Potsdam

Opening Times

Friday, 28.11.2014 18.00-20.30

Saturday, 29.11.2014, 11.00-20.00

Sunday, 30.11.2014, 11.00-19.00