„Flüchtlinge Willkommen“ facilitates housing space for refugees

Logo "Flüchtlinge Willkommen"

As of late we support a project we heard about from friends and that excited us immediately. „Refugees welcome“ -“Flüchtlinge Willkommen” in German – facilitates private housing spaces for refugees that would not have a home otherwise. We think this is an awesome model of how integration should actually work. The accommodated refugees take part in the residential community of the shared flat or the private home instead of living isolated from the rest of the residential society in collective accommodations. Mareike Geiling, Jonas Kakoschke, Golde Ebding and Lena Grote are the young initiators behind the platform based in Berlin. The idea came from their own experience with providing a home for a refugee in their shared flat, which made them think of facilitating private housing spaces for other refugees too.

Private closeness instead of isolated accommodations

In official accommodations there is often no possibility of retreat and the sometimes traumatized arrivals have very few options and a lot of times not even the courage to take part in the public life of the local society. To open new perspectives to these people, the founders team initiated „refugees welcome“. One can register as a mentor on the website and for example host a room in a shared flat. This enables a way of integration that a collective accommodation could never achieve. We as the sieben&siebzig agency support this project by sponsoring a flat for refugees with a monthly financial contribution. So far there are registrations from 75 different cities, the initiators hope for providing living space for refugees in even more cities in the future.

We wish all the best with this and a lot of reception from mentors and sponsors!

If one has a vacant room or other free living space to offer one can register on www.fluechtlinge-willkommen.de. Further information about the project and how to support it can be found there, too.

Who wants to donate directly can send their contribution to the following bank account :

Mensch Mensch Mensch e.V.,

IBAN: DE88430609671167120500,