Handmade bicycle and lifestyle accessories made by FAHRER

Fahrrad- und Lifestyleaccessoires von FAHRER

At least since the Berlin Bicycle Show we know that bikes are more than just a means of transportation. On the contrary a bike is a highly fashionable lifestyle item! Which color do my tires have? Which helmet protects my head and still looks cool? And most of all: with which gadgets can I pimp my bike?

The Berliner bike lovers from FAHRER were at the bike show as well and displayed countless individual accessories, that make cycling even more fun. One of the top sellers: the iPhone-holder SPITZEL. Attached close to the handlebar, the iPhone can perfectly lead us through Berlin’s streets with the navi, we can listen to music and be connected to the rest of the world just pushing one button.
“Offroad” the keychain DIETRICH takes us home. Like the FAHRER bags, the keychain are produced at the Berlin disabled workshops and had a former life as boat or truck tarpaulin.

If desired, a company can commission their own DIETRICHs from old advertising bills. Needless to say that each piece is a unicum.