MorgenLand and the chocolate pralines from the desert

MorgenLand - Algerien Deglet Nour Datteln

In the middle of the Sahara desert in Algeria, in the city of Biskr, is the youngest project from EgeSun GmbH. Here you’ll find up to 20 meter high date palms which provides the brand Morgen Land, with Deglet Nour dates. The variety Deglet Nour, in english “fingers of light”, are regarded as gourmet dates characterized by golden, almost translucent pulp and an aromatic, honeyed-caramel flavour.

It melts almost like chocolate on the tongue, a characteristic that gives the “bread of the desert” a praline character. The Morgenland Deglet Nour dates are available in 200-gram bag for 2.79 euro in Bio food stores and in the MorgenLand Online shop.