Convinced and convincing

Die Säfte von Voelkel unterliegen strengen Qualitätskontrollen

Exclusively Bio

Our work is dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly companies only. This specialization came from our personal motivation. We feel a strong connection to the bio-business and follow a sustainable lifestyle ourselves. Since 2004 we’ve been trying our best to connect high-grade products with a modern way of life. We also have insight on the most authentic way to promote bio-brands with classic marketing instruments.

Zwei Frauen

Personal & Authentic

Our idea is to get to know new products, to appreciate them and to promote them with enthusiasm. Strategic, targeted and passionate. Earlier days gave us distinct experiences with conventional lifestyle PR which is a useful skill to promote sustainability and ecological awareness in the media.

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Service-orientated & sustainable

We are a competent and reliable contact for editors and journalists. Personal and trustful cooperations are very important to us. Sustainable communication has shaped our self-understanding since the founding of our agency. We are thankful for the long-lasting and consistent trust that our clients and business partners show us.

100 % Bio 100 % Love

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