The s&s Showcase - a PR Kick-Off

The  s&s Showcases takes place up to twice a year. We are looking for the most beautiful,  innovative and lovable products worldwide with a focus on Europe and present them to the German-speaking press.

If it fits to the season (spring / summer) we visit the publishing houses in Munich and Hamburg to present the products in person. Sometimes we organise small events for bloggers and local press instead. All depending on the needs of the products we want to show.

Furthermore we write several blogsposts for our agency news and accompany the project via our social media channels like facebook and instagram. The project has a term of 3 months.

The s&s Showcase is perfect for entering the market, presenting a new product or as a test of our PR and marketing agency. We are happy to send you a quotation for the new window, please contact us here here.

Clients who did the s&s Showcase

Examples for clippings