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sieben&siebzig Emotion Slow Cover

Emotion Slow elects the ambassador of sustainability

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Ever since the last Slow Living Conference deceleration is a key topic for us as an agency. We were excited all the more when we held the newly printed Emotion Slow in our hands….

Slow Living Conference - Kati Drescher und Ragnar Willer

Slow Living Conference inspires and enriches visitors

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From the marketing manager to entrepreneurs and students the visitors of the first Slow Living Conference on September 18th 2014 were seeking particularly one: inspiration for a more relaxed life. This…

Slow Living Conference - Protagonist Fateh Singh bei einem Breathwalk

Slow Living Conference 2014: Consciousness with Fateh Singh

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We’ve already experienced Yogi Fateh Singh on various breathwalks where we witnessed first hand deep moments of calm and awareness in the midst of the hectic Berlin. A breathwalk integrates…

Slow Living Conference - Sandra und Anja Umann von UMASAN

Slow Living Conference 2014: Slow Down Fashion with UMASAN

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The fashion industry is one of the most high-speed businesses, which requires new trends and collections without a pause. Thanks to labels like the vegan fashion label UMASAN, an end…

Logo Slow Living Conference 2014

Slow Living Conference 2014

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… the conference on slow movement, simplification and sustainibility on september, 18 2014 in Berlin. Life on the go and the constant availability on smartphone, tablet and the like change…

Breathwalk durch Berlin mit Yogi Fateh Singh

Breathwalk through Berlin with Fateh Singh

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On the 8th of November 2013 we are organising our second Breathwalk under the supervision of Yogi Fateh Singh. In the midst of the hectic metropolis we will experience magic…

Trendwalk durch Berlin mit sieben&siebzig

Trendwalk Eco-Mobility 31st May 2013

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How long will racy sport cars last as status symbols if modern bicycles nowadays can be seen as absolutely fashionable and of course way more environmentally friendly? Which ways of…

Weleda Hair Care Trend Tour - Präsentation

Weleda Trendwalk through Berlin in febuary / march 2013

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For our client Weleda we do an individual Berlin Trendwalk for journalists and blogger in each February and March. Weleda will spoil them for one day with interesting background information…

Infoabend im ecoShowroom Berlin

Social Banking III: Our Info-evening goes into its next round in February 2012

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Because of high demand we will be hosting yet another social banking info evening in our ecoShowroom on Febuary 6th, 2012. Depositing your money at a conventional high street bank…

Infoabend im ecoShowroom Oktober 2011

Social Banking II: Second round of talks at the ecoShowroom in October 2011

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On October 19th, 2011 the ecoShowroom Berlin-Mitte is hosting its second round of talks addressing the topic of social banking. Being a client at major banks we are unconsciously part…

Social Banking Infoabend im ecoShowroom zum Thema: Was richtet unser Geld an?

Social Banking I: Info-night at the ecoShowroom Berlin 2011

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Money at the bank just lies there. Or doesn’t it? To get sensitized about the topic of social banking, on September 21st, 2011 the ecoShowroom opened its doors to those…

Waldspaziergang samt Bio-Picknick im Ribbecker Forst mit sieben&siebzig

Forest walk in Ribbeck with sieben&siebzig

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With our forest walk and organic picnic in the Ribbeck forest on June 19th, 2011 we are kicking off the ecoShowroom event-series. Consumers, curious people and also critics are invited…