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Kati Drescher - Geschäftsführung

Kati Drescher
Management of the company

Kati Drescher founded sieben&siebzig in 2004. She is primarily responslible for strategy, consulting and new business. Sustainability is a major part of both her life and her work. Following this ethos, she motivates her team to try to see things from a different angle and think outside of the box.


Nadine Binias

Nadine Binias joined sieben&siebzig in 2007 as managing director. Together with Kati Drescher she built the company with ambition and the passion for their idea. Since 2014 she has performed the role of Head of PR at sieben&siebzig, concentrating on coaching the PR managers as well as dedicates herself to digital projects.

Annemarie Bernhardt
Office Munich

Annemarie Bernhard successfully completed her internship and her training as pr and marketing manager at sieben&siebzig. Now she supports the company from her Munich office, with particular focus on the latest trends in the organic field.

Anna-Lena Berninger

After studying Fashion Management, Anna-Lena Berninger began her career in fashion PR, spending time abroad in Australia and Asia. Since 2016 she has been responsible for the companys beauty and food clients. Alongside this however, she still attends her former passion and is always looking for beautiful vintage fashion.


Jana Weithaler

Jana Weithaler started her career as a PR manager in Vienna after completing her university degree in communication science. Prior to moving to Berlin, she worked for a PR agency in Vienna. Her current role at sieben&siebzig is as a PR and marketing manager for different clients in the food industry.

Julia Weilbach
Trainee PR/Marketing

Julia Weilbach studied Literature, Philosophy and Aesthetics and has worked in different publishing houses. With a passion for organic food and cosmetics, her hobbies also comprise reading novels. In 2016 she joined sieben&siebzig as PR and marketing trainee.


Susanne Sternberger
Office Management/PR Assistant

Susanne Sternberger looks after the office and all the team members. Ensuring that the business runs smoothly day-to-day, she also assists the PR Managers with their daily tasks After some years at laywers and notary’s offices and insurance companies she joined sieben&siebzig in April 2017. Susanne’s passions include books, art and organic food.


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